One of the things I really must get better at is reading other writers' blogs because, inevitably, I find something amazing and profound. This blog post, was one of those things, last night.

Robert Bevan writes fantasy comedy, but more important, he writes a down to earth, thought provoking blog. And, somehow, he always manages to say what I'm thinking.

Last night, I'm catching up after being sick and on vacation when that blog and this line jump out at me:

None of us know what the fuck we're doing.

Huh? I see all these other authors that seem so put together, with a polished delivery system. They have booths, attend cons, do readings and interact with their readers all the time. They promote themselves and their books on twitter while I tweet about a really nifty looking recipes for a peanut butter cup martini. (Psssst' look here.)

Writing is something I do for fun. Would it be super awesome cool to quit my technology job and be a full time writer? Maybe. I'm not sure, honestly. But when I decided to try writing, I decided that I would go all in. I would try everything and if I was never successful, I'd be okay with it. But I didn't want to fail because I didn't try.

But, holy crap, there is so much to learn. Seeing a successful author admit he and other indie authors are as clueless as I am was refreshing. I just assumed that they all had some secret cache of knowledge that I'd be privy once I declared myself one of them. I imagined that somewhere, someone had written a checklist down. This would tell me all the things I needed to do before hitting PUBLISH on Amazon and letting my book go live.


Nothing like that exists. Ever. Anywhere. There is no list that tells you what to do once your first draft is finished. You write and write and write and then you do ... whatever you think is best. And then you hope you're right. That's the secret no one tells you. JOKES ON YOU! 

Having said all of this, I like indie writing/publishing. I like the freedom of it, the being my own boss, master of my fate and all that. I'm okay with having to do this all on my own. It's fun!

Do I cringe at my mistakes? Sure and I've made a number of baffling ones.

Will I ever try to get a book deal? Maybe. Maybe not. Will I ever have a pool full of money to swim around in like Scrooge McDuck? Probably not, but I'd be okay with it if I ever figure this thing out.