The Scribe's DaughterThe Scribe's Daughter by Stephanie Churchill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From beginning to end, The Scribe's Daughter by Stephanie Churchill is a fantastic romp. I love historical fantasy and it’s not always easy to pull off. For me, historical fiction can be too stilted or mired in detail, while fantasy can be too fantastic. Yet here, the author manages to weave elements of both genres together into cloth.

The Scribe's Daughter has something for everyone.

The story’s main character, Kassia, is present as street-wise and self sufficient. Being orphaned at a young age, she experienced in the world, she is also young and naive in many ways. She provides for herself and her sister through thievery and Characters shouldn’t be static or staid and I certainly never felt that way with Kassia. At times, I had to remind myself that while I wouldn’t make the same decision she was, I’m also not a teenage girl.

Regardless of the mistakes she made, I still rooted for Kassia. I like sassy characters and I like stories where the damsel rescues herself. She doesn’t have magic or flying horses to rely on - just a sharp wit and a little luck!

I found the setting to be a cohesive and believable world. The supporting characters are well drawn and behave accordingly. The writing is crisp and the author doesn’t fall into the trap of using flowery language just because it’s a historical fantasy novel. All the elements of a great story are here and work together to delight the reader!

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