Cara's TwelveCara's Twelve by Chantel Seabrook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I so enjoyed this book! I'm a sucker for fantasy romance novels (obviously) and Cara's Twelve does not disappoint.

The author builds her story on a well-crafted world, that is fully developed and believable. Headstrong and confident, Cara is thrust into the dangerous game of royal politics by forces outside her control. She finds herself bound to twelve men, all representatives of the varied provinces of her new kingdom. Though sworn to protect her, they are not all working in her best interests and Cara must decide who she can trust.

The characters are all well drawn, with complex and rich personalities. Everyone has something they want; a crown, a queen, to be loved. And as the characters strive for those things, nuances of personalities emerge, drawing the reader deeper into their world. As the conspiracies against Cara are revealed, the author does a wonderful job of building suspense and setting the stage for the next chapter.

Cara's Twelve stays true to its genre. It doesn't drag out descriptions of battle. The author doesn't bother with deep, detailed descriptions of things that most readers would all ready understand. It keeps the story moving along quickly.

I finished it and was left wanting more!

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